Perrrformat presents Mary Maggic with Molecular Queering Agency

Welcome to the Molecular Queering Agency. We are the agency responsible for the industrial alienation of the human, non-human, and the planetary. The molecular colonization of endocrine disrupting compounds asks us to acknowledge our bodies as changeable, mutable, and responsive with the environment. We invite you to join a 10-person (socially-distanced) disobedience ritual designed to neutralize your eco-heteronormative fears around our collective alien becoming. We ask you to be loyal representatives of MQA and carry out this performance with a sample of your own urine. You will also be dressed in MQA uniforms and guided through simple choreography that is part-science and part-witchcraft. The performance will be English-speaking and video recorded. 

Datum: 03. und 04. Juli 2021

Zeit: 10:45 Uhr

Dauer: 11–13h

Anmeldung: verbindliche Anmeldung via

Mitnehmen: Maske, Negativer Covid Test (nicht älter als 24h)

Treffpunkt: Schindlergut, Eingang Kronenstrasse

Unterstützt durch die Abteilung Stadt Zürich Kultur, ProHelvetia und die Temperatio Stiftung.


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